Can you control your diet by actively controlling your thoughts and actions?

Did you know that your willpower diminishes when you remove something from your diet or life? This action makes you more likely to think about or crave the banned substance. When you actively avoid a behavior or avoid thinking about that behavior, many times it becomes hard to resist, eventually leading you to down the road to giving into temptation.

To counteract this willpower trap and improve your healthy eating habits, replace rather than ban. Replace unhealthy choices with healthier ones. Crowd out the unhealthy habits in your life with healthy habits and substances. If you have a meal with chocolate cake, add more veggies to your meal before you eat dessert. If you want to eat ice cream, try something cold like sherbet first. Alternatively, you can make it harder for yourself to indulge in your bad habits.

You don’t have to give up all your vices to become a healthier person. You just have to add more healthy options to your life. No need to be perfect an abstain from everything.  Remember that trying to be perfect can sabotage your health and eating goals.

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