How to lose weight easier? Answer: No quick and easy fixes exist.

Picture courtesy of HeavyWeightGeek via Flickr.

I am aware that we live in a society where a quick fix is the desired solution for almost everything. The problem? No fast, easy solutions exist in the complex world we live in. When we opt for the fast and easy solution, we may get the desired result, but the questions are: Will the result last? Will that result create a long-lasting influence?

Quick fixes are like building a house. When you quickly build a house with faulty material, the house may fall apart in a year. A well-built house, a house built with artisans and other people who take pride in their work, may last a lifetime. Though every house may undergo the occasional growing pangs, such as a leaky roof or a broken faucet, the homeowners may find a well-built house more livable during these times. A poorly made house may suffer additional damage that coincides with the normal upkeep.

Apply this logic to your health and your weight. If you really want to go for a quick fix and lose weight easier or faster, I say go for it. But, I have one caveat. I encourage you to look at the problems that contribute to your weight gain or health loss. Address all the factors…not just the cosmetic ones.

Ask yourself these questions:

How do I feel about my body weight? Am I uncomfortable? Am I losing weight because society is pressuring me? Or am I losing weight because I want to feel better and become happier?

Why am I overweight? Am I overweight simply because I eat too much? Are health or emotional issues behind my weight problems? Are my extra inches away of camouflaging or protecting myself against the world?

Am I happy? Will losing weight make me happy?

You make the choice to be happy and healthy. You must love yourself despite your physical appearance. Your body is just one aspect of your existence. If you’re dieting, make sure that you also start acts of self-care.

If you’ve researched a few safe diets or lifestyle plans that you are interested in, go on that program and lose those inches. But take care of yourself as well. Pamper yourself. Gather a support system. Record and question all your repetitive thoughts and actions. Place yourself on a lifestyle plan as well as a plan that incorporates nutrition, relationships and spirituality.

And if you fail or start rolling in reverse, don’t try to catch up. Stop. Dust yourself off. Dig deeply into your actions. Try again. This time addressing your weaker points.