Build Emotional Resilience: Review of Rising Strong

A book and summary of Rising Strong. Brown’s rising strong practice involves three phases: The reckoning, the rumble and the revolution. During the reckoning, we acknowledge our emotions in real-time. During the rumble, we look into the story behind those emotions and own that story. 

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Short Guide to Accepting and Loving yourself

No one is perfect. Guess what? That’s okay. Every day society bombards you with images of the perfect life, perfect home, perfect face, perfect body. This makes it seem that you will never measure up. And you may feel there is something inherently wrong with you. Not true.

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Cultivating Positive Emotions: Loving-Kindness Meditation

Ever feel disconnected from the people around you and yourself? Try loving-kindness meditation. A type of meditation, loving-kindness meditation cultivates positive emotions. These emotions that run the gamut from pride to gratitude. In turn, we accept ourselves, become healthier and develop mindful thinking.

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