How to Cultivate a Positive Attitude throughout the Day

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The key to a more positive attitude and life is to plan. Set the tone for your day. Do this by planting moments that’ll allow you to cultivate a positive attitude throughout your day.

This doesn’t mean you ignore or disregard negative events. Negativity and uncomfortableness have its place.  It is a part of growth.  The point is to increase positive thoughts, not annihilate the negative ones.

Planning your day around positive events gives you something to look forward to. It lifts your mood and prevents stress.

You don’t have to implement all these activities. At least try one and see how it works for you.

How to Cultivate a Positive Attitude in the Morning

Gratefulness Exercise

Express gratitude for at least 10 things. This can be as simple as being grateful for your family or that you woke up with your feet warm and cozy.

Gratitude starts your day off right, providing you with a primer to become aware of others things to be grateful for throughout your day. You’ll see more of the small blessings as well as the bigger ones.

Express gratitude directly to others. You’ll carry the attitude with you throughout the day as well as spread it to others. When you express gratitude with your family and those you spend a significant amount of time with, you become closer and spread positivity.

Meditation for at least five minutes

Mindfulness meditation promotes mindfulness throughout your day. On the surface, meditation may seem unnecessary. But, this seemingly simple practice, promotes positive feelings. You’ll appreciate life more. You’ll feel more in control of your life. You’ll be more compassionate to yourself and others. You’ll develop better, more meaningful relationships.

Sit in an upright position with your straight, yet comfortable. If this position is uncomfortable, place a pillow in the small of your back.

Close your eyes.

Concentrate on your breath or listen to the silence in the room. If you find this difficult, think “exhale, inhale” with each breath. You can also count each breath up to 10 and then repeat. Do whatever feels comfortable to you.

Allow your thoughts and feelings go. Don’t dwell on them. If you find yourself caught up in your thought tornado, shift your concentration. Don’t beat yourself up. This is a judgment-free time.

If meditation doesn’t appeal to you, try mindful walking as a way of combining the mindfulness and exercise. When you walk, pay attention to the sounds in the environment or the road beneath your feet. Just be in the moment.

Exercise in the morning

Exercise lifts your mood and provides an energy boost. Try between 15 and 30 minutes of exercise at least five days per week.

You don’t have to a full-blown, sweat-inducing workout to take advantage of the benefits. Check out this Pilates routine on the American Council of Exercise’s website: Morning Exercises to Energize Your Day.

Throughout the Day

Deal with your thoughts and feelings. If you feel overwhelmed or upset, name your emotion. Naming them allows you to distance yourself and deal with your feelings better.

For example, if you feel angry, rather than suppressing that anger, tell yourself that you’re angry. Better yet, say it out loud. This appeals to you logically.

The more you’re able to think about, the better you’re able to calm yourself down and see helpful ways to deal with it. Suppressing emotions is rarely a good option.

Remember to breathe.

You’ll be surprised how often you ended up holding your breath or breathing with the upper lobes of your lungs when you’re upset. On the hour, every hour, check in with your breathing. Make sure you’re breathing from the diaphragm and not the upper lobes of your lungs.

Savor the positive moments.

Another way to increase positive thoughts is to savor your awe-inspiring moments. See a beautiful scene, such as a sunrise? Take picture. Find out some good news. Share it with supportive friends and family. Find some joy in the smaller moments? Mentally, take a note of it, so you can reflect on it later. The point is to catch these fleeting moments and have them make a more lasting effect.

Lunch Time

Get some sunshine and go outside. Being around nature reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and improve your mood. This recharges you.

No time outside to spend outside? Bring the outdoors in. Invest in plants or flowers. Keep pictures of nature scenes nearby, maybe on as your screen saver or a poster. Play nature sounds.

Transition from Work to Home

Sometimes we bring the stress home. Allow for some time to shake off stress during your evening commute. Listen to an audiobook or your favorite songs. If you haven’t worked out, exercise after work or take a short walk. Talk to a friend. Spend some time with a pet.

If you don’t have time during your commute, spend a few minutes doing an activity you enjoy, where you can lose yourself. To prevent anything from interfering with your alone time, share your plans.

How to Cultivate a Positive Attitude at Night

Be mindful of what you watch and turn off the news.

On the surface, television may seem as an activity where we tune in and zone out. But, if we not mindful, we soak up the attitudes.

If we’re not aware, we may adopt some of the attitudes and prejudices certain television shows espouse. For example, television news, for example, sensationalize negative news in order get more viewers.

In addition, the more you watch television, the less you’re satisfied with your life. People who watch more television tend to the think everyone is richer, prettier and more successful than they are. If you get caught up in this mode of thinking often, turn off the television and see how your attitude towards life adjusts.

Read inspirational material

You can’t stop negative things from happening.  Reading inspirational material can undo some of the negativity that occurred during the day. It also allows you to settle down on a good note. It’ll also increase positive thoughts throughout the night.

Need some ideas on inspirational material to read? I’m always carrying Jen Sincero’s book You’re a Badass. This book always lifts my spirits and motivate me.

Click here to check out Goodread’s list of inspirational books.

What went right?

End the day on a good note. List three things that went right, and the reasons why they went right. Writing these things down allows you to relive and savor the experiences.

Write Your To-Do List for the Next Day.

Planning your day the night before allows your brain to adjust. You’ll be better able to handle the demands. This doesn’t have to be a fancy list. Keep it manageable. Jot your tasks on a piece of paper, planner or use an app.

A list frees your mind to concentrate on other stuff. No need to juggle an ongoing task list in your head throughout the day. This also prevents you from forgetting important tasks, setting the pace for a less stressed and more positive day.