6-Week Weight Loss Jump-Start




The Jump-Start Your Weight Loss Session is not for those who want to drop many pounds in a few days. This jump start is for those who want a healthy weight loss program.

With this coaching program, you’ll receive a solid foundation that will help you manage your weight by changing your habits and mindset.

This foundation will create lasting change. The program is for those who want to lose weight and keep it off.

This healthy weight loss program includes two 45-minute private coaching sessions and six weeks of accountability. At the end of this six-week period, there will be two 25-minute follow-up sessions where we’ll fine-tune your weight loss plan. Or, if you desire, continue with a three-month or six-month coaching program.

You’ll also walk away from this program with a clear picture of your other health, wellness, and life goals. Here’s what you get:

  • Three phone coaching sessions. The initial two sessions will be 45 minutes long. And it will be followed up with one 25-minute session other at the end of the six weeks.
  • Weekly email or SMS check-ins for six weeks.
  • PDF coaching reports after the initial and follow-up session.